#8216;Party of ideas#8217; deserves credit where credit is due

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 16, 2005

Over the last few years the Republican Party has advertised itself as the “party of ideas” and, noted the Democratic Party is bereft of ideas, stuck only with old, out of date, tired ideas.

In the true spirit of the holidays I thought it appropriate to give credit where credit is due and perhaps provide a fair recognition of support to the ideas advanced by the “party of ideas.”

First, allow me to recognize that the Republican Party is, and always has been, known as the party of small government. As much as some would deny them this accolade simply because the size of the federal government has grown more under this president than any other president in American history, I for one, recognize that it is indeed their slogan, tarnished by dirty little facts or not.

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Congratulations on this one, you guys deserve all the credit.

Second, I hereby acknowledge, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Republican Party is the party of fiscal responsibility, and the other party, the party of big spenders. This is a well known fact, hardly worth mentioning, except as a reminder of one of the pillars of the party’s core values.

I do know that in the month of November 2005, the federal deficit for the month reached $83.1 billion (the amount treasury spending exceeded tax receipts. Revenue was up 3.2 percent over last year, with spending up 15.3 percent over last year.) This was the highest deficit ever recorded in November. At the current rate the federal deficit payment will account for 24 percent of the national budget by 2042.

Nevertheless, the Republican Party is the party of fiscal responsibility. We all know that, notwithstanding these short term nuances of budget dynamics that basically are distractions.

Third, I would be less than fair if I did not acknowledge that the Republican Party is the only party that can defend America. It is a well known fact that the other party are “cut and runners” without the courage to protect America.

Yes, I know there are many areas the 9-11 commission reports have not been addressed by this government, but it takes time. And yes, I am aware that our reputation in the world is less than it has been since World War II and our allies fewer than ever before in our history, but these countries are weak and wimpy anyhow.

For the most part they are participants in the irrelevant United Nations. And OK, we can’t get the equipment right in Iraq and we don’t necessarily have enough troops there or the right kind of units, but you have to go with the army you have.

Finally, the party of ideas has more than we can count: Eliminating Social Security with Social Insecurity; ending pensions in America with a nanosecond of bankruptcy approvals that let our capital rich companies escape their responsibilities; new consumer bankruptcy laws that end debt relief and serve the banking industry.

Others include a Medicare drug plan written by the drug companies that no one can figure out; an energy plan that ties us to high gas prices forever; a Katrina relief plan that has the innovative idea of sending victims into the street at Christmas; an ecology policy that will eventually require all of us to wear breathing gear. Well, enough for now.

Let me just say, Merry Christmas to the “party of ideas.” You may have more ideas than we can survive, but you sure do have ideas.

Say, just a thought, maybe the idea of letting private business write all our laws is not one of your best ideas. Just something to think about over the holidays.

Dr. Jim Crawford is a local political enthusiast. He can be reached at drjim893@msn.com.