Ironton council discusses city cleanup

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2005

With all the talk of straightening out the Ironton’s budget, council members took a moment Thursday to discuss cleaning up the rest of the city.

During the meeting, first reading was given to a permanent budget for 2006, put forth by Richard Price. The budget was referred to the finance committee, which they discussed later in the evening.

Once again the subject of city cleanup was the focus. Councilman Rich Blankenship brought up an ordinance passed previously that would allow a representative of the Ironton Health Department to appoint a representative for code enforcement.

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“I’ve brought this up before, but I’m tired of driving down the street and seeing junk on the streets,” Blankenship said. “I’m going to continue to bring this up until we figure out what we’re going to do.”

First reading was also given to an ordinance that would place a $5 per month municipal fee on city residents for two years.

Besides being $5 lower than the fee defeated in November, the primary difference in the fee is that it would be funneled directly to the police department, and is being referred to as a “municipal fee for public safety.”

A temporary budget was also approved that will allow the city to get through the month of January, giving the city another month to look for a more permanent plan.

In addition, the council approved an ordinance that would authorize the mayor to spend funds not exceeding $10,000 to remove sludge from the Ironton Wastewater Treatment Plant. Only Councilman Richard Price put forth an opposing vote.

Also during the meeting, the council gave first reading to an ordinance that would allow the removal of firewood from the Ironton compost site.