Professional South Point #8216;nerd#8217; gives computer help

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2005

Geek, dorks, nerds — this sort of terminology is constantly used to degrade the computer savvy. But one South Point man doesn’t mind one bit, in fact, that’s how he makes his living.

Charles Gunawan embraces the terms as a part of his home computer repair business, Nerds on Site. For two years, Gunawan, a recent transplant from Cincinnati, has traveled door-to-door eliminating computer programs as a “bug-squasher-for-hire.”

Gunawan lost his job as a computer operator a few years ago, but struck on an idea to make lemonade from layoff lemons when friends began calling him for on-the-spot computer help.

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“My friends always called me for that, it was just a hobby, but my friends told me I should make money from it, instead of applying or doing a job for which I’m not specialized,” Gunawan said.

Gunawan is an all-purpose troubleshooter, performing installations, e-mail setups or even just squashing spyware. And when there’s a problem he’s not familiar with, he has a nationwide network of Nerds waiting to lend him a hand.

That’s right, Nerds on Site operates nationwide. But Gunawan has been focusing on the Tri-State, a microchip mercenary tooling around in the company’s trademark red Volkswagen Beetle emblazoned with the Nerds on Site logo.

Although some may balk at driving a car that labels them a nerd, Gunawan said he doesn’t mind a bit.

“That’s why they use the name, because it’s catchy,” Gunawan said. “It’s for promotional purposes. It’s supposed to be tacky and catchy.”

It also helps, Gunawan said, that he is doing something that he truly enjoys.

“I love technology, I like meeting people and I like to help people with all kinds of problems,” Gunawan said.

Those in need of a nerd can reach Gunawan by calling the nationwide office at (877) MY-NERDS (877-696-3737) or by e-mailing him at