Predicting a rough year for Republicans in 2006

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 30, 2005

Pat Nixon was reputed to believe in the predictions of an astrologist. Years later Nancy Reagan was accused of finding comfort in predictions about the future. I think they may have been onto something, so I looked up Jean Dixon, the future seer used both by the Nixon’s and by Parade magazine over several years. Ms. Dixon predicted the assassination of President Kennedy 11 years before it happened. Unfortunately, Ms. Dixon is no longer able to predict, so I have had to consider other alternatives. While I have, admittedly, absolutely no track record in the prediction business, I am willing to take my chances for 2006. I am prepared to guarantee that 50 percent, or more, of my predictions will come to pass by this date next year. Keep this article and we will see who the real prophet of the future is by this time next year. My predictions for 2006 are:

Secretary Rumsfield will resign in early 2006, having accomplished…

Karl Rove will plan the Republican campaign for the fall elections around Homeland Security, illegal immigration and the strong economy. Unfortunately, the Republican strategist will not be around to execute the campaign as he will be charged by Mr. Fitzgerald in January with perjury and conspiracy. He will resign his position and the party will lose the Senate to the Democrats.

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Jack Abramoff will be the most mentioned name in the press for all of 2006. He will name names and places where his influence was bribery.

In early 2006 many will seek to discredit his claims, but they will not be successful. Both Republicans and Democrats will be named and dishonored for their exchange of bribes for advocacy. A fall campaign issue will be public campaign financing.

Alec Baldwin will run for governor of California, announcing in late 2007. He will not get the nomination and his reputation will be greatly damaged.

The Red Cross with undergo a major scandal in 2006, reducing its contributions for the year by 40 percent or more.

General Motors will avoid bankruptcy in 2006, and end the year with a sales increase of 2.5 percent.

Senator Rick Santorum will lose his senate seat by a margin of more than 6 percent, sending shock waves through the conservative political community.

The nomination of Samuel Alito will fail. The death blow will come from the work of Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

The votes will not appear to end a filibuster.

Conservatives will consider starting a third party to advance their agenda.

By November, the population of New Orleans will be less than 250,000. The media will be writing about the death of an American city.

Our troop levels in Iraq will fall throughout the year, beginning in January and ending with just under 100,000 troops in the country by the November elections.

The Murta Plan will be re-named the Bush Plan.

Tom “The Hammer” Delay will resign from the Congress before July. He will be convicted of money laundering and charged with influence peddling in the Abramoff affair. Delay will insist upon his innocence and blame Democrats for his problems.

President Bush will bring Karen Hughes back into the White House, relieving her of her impossible duties as international flag waver.

The president will not have a good year. The “I” word will surface more and more frequently.

America will find several Americans to recognize for their courage and valor in the war.

In spite of the disagreements over the war, we will recognize these young men and women and finally put to rest our shameful handling of the veterans from Vietnam.

Happy New Year.

Jim Crawford is a local political enthusiast. He can be reached at