Enjoying the January weather

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 3, 2006

The calendar may have said January but the thermometer said it was more like May.

Lawrence Countians took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather Monday, the observance of the New Year’s Day holiday, by getting outside and enjoying the break from winter’s chill.

Eight-year-old Michael Wicker roared down the sidewalk along Sixth Street in Ironton on his mini-motorcycle that Santa brought him for Christmas.

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“Rrrrrrr. Rrrrrr,” the little motor roared as he zipped back on forth on the tiny bike that stands less than two feet tall.

“This is the first time he has been able to get it out since Christmas,” said Mike Wicker, the youth’s father.

Or so Dad thought.

“When Dad was gone, me and my sister came out and jumped on it once,” Michael said with a sly smile.

A few blocks down Sixth Street, a strange competition was unfolding. Friends and neighbors gathered in Clara Lewis’ front yard for a friendly game of “Old Folk’s Horseshoes.”

The point is to sling two golf ball attached by rope across the yard so that it wraps around a PVC pipe “goal.” Though it may not be the most well known of games, players said it sure was a lot of fun.

“I just like the competition,” said Lewis, a physical education teacher in the Rock Hill School District, who received the game as late Christmas gift or very early birthday present.

Is she always so competitive? “No, just against her,” Lewis said as she pointed at friend and fellow educator Tammi Rowe. The duo jokingly referred to themselves as “Thelma and Louise” from the film that featured friends of the same name that enjoyed a little friendly competition.

“I beat her at bowling once — when she was 9-months pregnant,” Rowe said.

Others were not looking for sport but did take advantage of the weather to remove Christmas decorations. Across town, Santas and snowmen were coming down left and right.

All were hopeful the warm weather would stick around.