#8216;Rock#8217; planner seeks stage at riverfront

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

The next time Darrell McFann rocks, he wants it to be on a stage.

The Ironton resident has been organizing the “Rock on the River” concert, an annual, youth-focused event, for four years on the city riverfront.

This year though, he wants to perform the event on a permanent stage, one that could be open to any one who needed it.

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“That riverfront could be utilized for so many other things down there if they had a stage down there,” McFann said. “We’re the only riverfront of any size from Cincinnati to Marietta that doesn’t have a stage.”

McFann said he’s looking to create a multi-purpose structure, one that could be used as a scenic overlook to the river when it’s not housing a performance. He said he’s not interested in a massive addition, just a simple covered wooden stage that he, with his building experience, estimated would run around $5,000.

There’s only one problem keeping the stage from being built: Getting the money. He’s sent letters explaining the project to trustee boards, the state forestry department and

local professionals, all with little success.

“I have no response from anybody on it,” McFann said. “I have no idea why, it just really makes me feel like people don’t care about the kids in this area.”

But McFann hasn’t been deterred. He’s planning on the fourth “Rock on the River” to kick off in August, and hopes, if he can find the funds, to perform the event on a new stage.

“If I could just get the money in by mid-July, I could have it ready for the concert,” McFann said.

Without the support of those he has contacted, he is now taking his plea to the public. Those who would like to pitch in and help McFann can contact him at 509 Cliff St. in Ironton, or by calling him at (740) 534-9620.