How I spent my spring break

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

There is perhaps nothing so delicious for a kid as a week off from school in springtime.

This week Mother Nature served up fair weather and sunny skies to complement that week away from the classroom.

Lawrence County youth spent their spring break in a number of ways. While some went out of town for the week, others found fun right here at home.

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For Taylor Smith, spring break carried a double blessing: It was a week away from studies and her seventh birthday fell right in the middle of it. Her folks fixed her up with a new set of wheels.

“She just got this new bike last night and the chain came off,” mom, Lisa Smith said. “Tonight we’ll have cake and a little party.”

The purple bicycle even came with a carrier seat for Taylor’s doll.

Mom said with the weather so fair and the spring foliage so impressive, spring break week was a perfect time for family walks. She took the week off work to spend it with the kids at home.

Sister Breeanna, who is 9, said she preferred those indoor pursuits.

“We went shopping and I got sunglasses,” she said.

For Ironton Middle School students Cody Runyon, Dakota Bryan and Chris Stepp, spring break was an opportunity to hang with friends.

“We’ve been spending the night at each other’s houses,” Bryan said.

“And we’ve been playing basketball and stuff,” Runyon added.

But their favorite activity was skateboarding. On Wednesday afternoon they attempted jumping car stops in a local parking lot — just to see if they could.

Akira Penn, 10, of South Point said she spent her time “staying home and playing with friends.”

That included a trip to a playground and a leisurely afternoon at the swing set.

Her pal, Samantha Miller, who is 10, came from Huntington, W.Va., to South Point to visit cousins, Hope, Jillian, Bridgett and Brittanie Aylsworth, found a spot on that same swing set.

“I’ve been going to daycare and we had a cookout yesterday and then we went to Ritter Park on a nature hike,” she said.

If Samantha had her wish, she would take a “hike” from school altogether and not just for one short week in the spring.

“I hate school,” she declared matter-of-factly. “School is so boring. You sit and they teach you stuff you already know.”

For Brittanie Aylsworth, 17, this will likely be her last spring break — period. The South Point senior will cap off her education with enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, along with her boyfriend, Todd Dingus, 19.

Until then, she is spending her last spring break “enjoying it.”

And she was not the only one.