Ironton business owner helps hatch senior nest eggs

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

Malcolm Wain describes finances of the retirement years as “rough waters” and with a new business name and a new direction, he’s hoping to help seniors navigate to calm seas.

Wayne’s business, formerly known as Horizon Insurance and Financial Solutions, was recently re-dubbed the Wain Financial Group. Along with the moniker change, Wain is focusing his Ironton business more on the area’s seniors.

“This area, the population base here, is more in the senior area,” Wain said. “There’s a lot of folks who have issues with trying to make their retirement income last, several issues that seniors seem to be affected by.”

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Although he has previously dealt mainly with businesses, Wain recently trained to become a Certified Senior Advisor to help serve his new clientele.

Wain offers one-on-one advice to his customers, going through individual needs and goals to develop a retirement plan.

“What we look at primarily is how to make people’s money last through retirement,” Wain said. “People are beginning to live longer, and as they live longer their resources are beginning to become a bit more stretched.”

Seniors have more financial questions these days, as they continue to live longer with less money saved and from pensions.

“Nowadays folks are retiring at 65 with a lot less assets but are living through till 85,” Wain said. “For all intents and purposes they may have 20-plus years in retirement and they’ve got to make that money stretch.”

Wain that seniors often need a different brand of financial help than those who in middle age.

“(Seniors) are folks that need the help now,” Wain said. “If someone’s 25 or 30 years of age, they may have 20 or 30 years old to follow a path. When you’re 55 or 60 years of age and you’ve got to make tough decisions you don’t have as much time to make them and it’s more of a concern.”

In addition to some free workshops, Wain offers a complimentary initial consultation to seniors to discuss their needs and concerns. More information is available by calling (740) 532-8700 or by visiting The business is located at 1621 S. Third Street in Ironton.