Little bothers Portsmouth window washer

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

If you look out your window and see Nate Lansing, there likely won’t be a smudge blocking the view.

That’s because the 19-year-old, an employee of Bur-Pac Systems, travels from Portsmouth every week to help keep Ironton windows sparkling.

It’s quite a commute, but Lansing doesn’t seem to let many things bother him, and the drive is no exception.

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“It’s pretty cool, it keeps me out of trouble,” Lansing said with a laugh. “I like to travel, we work in Charleston (W.Va) and Huntington (W.Va.).”

While his horizontal travel might not be bad, Lansing’s vertical travel (scaling buildings with a large ladder) might give some fits. Not surprisingly, it’s no big deal to him.

“We can do anything, we do ladder work, we do pole work, we do anything that’s needed,” Lansing said.

“The ladder doesn’t bother me at all.”

As he squeegees the side of Ironton Park Avenue Chiropractic, he admits that his non-chalant mood is probably aided by the rising mercury, a welcome respite from working in the recent cold spells.

“Working through the winter, it does get a little rough,” Lansing said. “When it gets down around 10, 12 degrees, it can be pretty nasty.”

In fact, there’s only one thing that ever breaks Nate Lansing’s stride, and it’s not weather or heights or a commute: It’s when people put their hands on glass he just cleaned.

“You know, that happens all the time, especially in restaurants,” Lansing said. “That can be pretty frustrating.”

But, he admits, it does help to keep him in business, so it may not be that much of a bother after all.