Margin of victory on levy at 115

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

It’s official.

The final tally of election votes was made on Wednesday by the Lawrence County Board of Elections and the Ironton school bond levy has not only passed, but has been approved with a larger margin.

The final tally of the school bond levy vote after provisional ballots was 2,061 in favor and 1,946 votes in opposition. On May 2, those numbers were separated by only 102, as opposed to 115 now.

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Mary Wipert, director of the Board of Elections, said that the end results of none of the races changed, but that really wasn’t a surprise.

“There really weren’t enough provisional ballots to affect anything,” Wipert said. “We were also counting the votes of 17-year-olds yesterday, but they can’t vote on issues.”

Those who are 17 can vote in primary candidates’ races if they’ll be 18 before the general election, but cannot vote on ballot issues.

There were 1930 absentee ballots filed in the county, with 455 of those in favor of the school bond levy and 286 against, not a surprise, Wipert said, as the levy has traditionally done well in absentee ballots.

On May 2, the replacement levy for the board of mental retardation and developmental disabilities was passed with 8,271 voting in favor of the levy, and 2,788 against it. Those numbers were officially replaced with 8,331 and 2,809 after the official count.