RH tots go #8216;car-crazy#8217;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

Tyler Briggs, 5, and Austin Newcomb, 4, are both pretty lucky. At such a young age, they already know what they’ll be doing with their lives.

It was Transportation Day at the Rock Hill Child Development Center on Tuesday, and the two boys had been inspired: They would grow up to be drivers.

“We’re looking at these,” Tyler said, pointing one small finger at a nearby backhoe. “I wanna drive the John Deere tractor.”

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Austin had his eye on a sleeker model in mind, a nearby Cadillac.

“I like that purple car,” Austin said. “But we’re seeing all the cars.”

The event, part of Week of the Young Child, brought more than 30 vehicles to the school, including a sheriff’s cruiser, a truck belonging to radio station WTCR, a large flatbed truck and even a helicopter.

There was even some kid-sized transportation on-hand. Students rode several small tricycles with helmets they all received.

Carrie Jenkins, receptionist at the school, had watched the children stare in wonder at some of the big machines all morning.

“It’s just for the children to be able to get out, to get in the vehicles and just have fun,” Jenkins said. “They’re having a ball.”

The sights of the big machines may have been bringing the students in, but it was the sounds that kept the students buzzing.

“The horn on the semi, I think, is one of the biggest hits that there is,” Jenkins said. “They really all love the horns. You hear the horns all over the parking lot.”