Signs honor Ironton stars

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

As thousands gather in Ironton this Memorial Day to honor those who went before, they’ll also see some new reminders of some of Ironton’s favorite sons.

After the Ironton Port Authority installed new signage at every entrance to the city, sign committee chairman and IPA member Jay Zornes said they decided they wanted all of their signs to be first-class.

“Some of the signs leading in to the town were getting older and faded, so we wanted to refurbish those signs,” Zornes said.

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But a few had a different vision for the local signs. Jim Ridgeway and Bob Vaughn brought a mockup to the IPA, a colorful sign that featured a picture of the famous Irontonian being honored. Zornes said that the demo was so good, it was adopted on the spot.

“They had a great idea. It’s really a community-led idea, which is what makes me happy about the whole thing,” Zornes said. “We decided it would be a great way to honor our heroes, so to speak, people who have meant a lot to the town.”

The metal signs now hang along Park Avenue, honoring second-ranking World War I American ace Lt. Col. William C. Lambert, NFL all-pro rusher Coy Bacon and players Glenn Presnell and Dan Pride.

Three of the signs were purchased by port authority members, and one by the mayor, but the IPA is now looking for others to help carry on the project.

“Certainly we want people who are interested to get involved, maybe through donations,” Zornes said. “Hopefully we can have all of our heroes down Park Avenue.”

Zornes said that the IPA has discussed other locations that the signs could hang, such as a few great educators hanging near the high school.

In the immediate future though, the signs will be near the entrance to the city via State Route 93. There are a few other signs already in the works, and Zornes said that the IPA is looking for a few suggestions.

Anyone who would like to be involved, can reach Zornes at (740) 533-2072.