The Point may recycle work waste

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

SOUTH POINT — The Lawrence Economic Development Corporation has come up with an environmentally-friendly solution to the more than 35,000 tons of construction waste discovered at The Point industrial park.

The LEDC is planning to construct a post-industrial masonry recycling facility — a site where materials such as brick, stone and concrete can be recycled. The group has applied for a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to defray the cost of the facility, which will take up an estimated two to three acres of land at The Point.

Viviane Khounlavong, assistant director of the LEDC, said the massive amount of waste was discovered recently during groundwork at the site. Since then, the group has been researching a way to dispose of it.

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If not sent to a recycling center, the post-construction waste would need to be taken to landfills.

“We really saw the need to try to do something about it and we saw this opportunity,” Khounlavong said. “As an economic development group, we are really trying to be more environmentally responsible.”

In addition to recycling The Point’s materials, she said LEDC has also inquired about contracting with other companies to take in their construction refuge. Khounlavong said an estimated 108,000 tons could be recycled at the proposed facility each year.

Bill Dingus, executive director of the LEDC, said most of the recycled material could be used at The Point for roadways, parking lots or other projects at the park. The recycled materials could also be shipped elsewhere for use.

The ODNR grant carries a maximum award of $250,000, with a required 100 percent match. Dingus said its share would most likely come from Empowerment Zone funds or in-kind donations of land.