Gay-marriage debate not biggest concern

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Like a bad penny, the debate over gay marriage just keeps turning up on politicians’ agendas — despite the fact the nation faces far more pressing issues.

President George W. Bush and Republicans in Congress have decided that now is the time to renew the long-disputed debate over whether or not homosexual couples should have the right to marry.

The latest effort centers on a proposed constitutional amendment, something that we never take lightly and don’t believe should be looked at casually.

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Regardless of how someone feels about this issue, now is not the time to take up this battle and appears to be nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to boost sagging poll numbers.

We urge the president and all of Congress — Republicans and Democrats — to focus on the issues that Americans truly care about right now.

Our nation is amid crucial times and now is the time to look at the bigger problems, not just the ones that will boost political support for an embattled Republican party.

Immigration has yet to be fully addressed with only a Band-Aid measure by Congress.

Homeland Security still remains a concern with the issues of wiretapping and surveillance still unresolved.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still rage on, costing billions of dollars and thousands of lives. No end is in sight and yet we have not seen any real measures made to change the way we are fighting these wars.

Gas prices are hitting record highs and Americans remain disenchanted with an economy that continues to struggle compared with our overseas competitors.

The nation’s deficit continues to grow at a concerning rate. Health care is still a dream for many Americans. Our educational system is falling behind other nations. Social Security has not been solidified.

With so many pressing concerns facing our great nation, it seems to be counter productive to waste time debating an issue the Supreme Court could resolve on its own.

Our leaders need to start looking at helping the nation not helping their own political careers.