Debate in governor race vital to process

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ohio gubernatorial candidates Ted Strickland and Ken Blackwell will go head-to-head several times long before the Nov. 7 election — and Ohio voters will be better for it.

The two men — Strickland representing the Democrats and Blackwell for the Republicans — have agreed to a series of debates and public forums in the months leading up to this crucial election.

We are pleased that Blackwell accepted Strickland’s challenge on this point because it will only help educate Ohio voters to ensure that our state gets the best possible leader at the helm for the next four years.

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The exact details of the forums have yet to be finalized but should start to come into focus in upcoming weeks.

The two opponents have been somewhat civil so far, though they have taken a few shots at each other.

Hopefully, they will be able to continue to look at the big picture and talk about concrete plans and ideas that each has to help move the state forward.

Neither candidate should make the issue personal and look to take cheap shots at each other. These debates, like most others, should center on the issues that affect Ohioans the most.

That should not be difficult since the state has come through some tough times. Candidates should plan to hit on key issues such as job creation, invigorating the economy, education funding, tax system and cleaning up government scandals and wasteful spending.

Strickland debated his opponent in the May primary while Blackwell declined the opportunity to spar with his GOP opponent Jim Petro. Now, both Strickland and Blackwell will get the chance to show why they should be the next governor of one of the greatest state’s in the nation,

We hope Ohio’s voters pay close attention to the debates and discussion because these talks and promises will go a long way toward deciding who should lead the state.

Going head-to-head may become quite a battle but it will be Ohio’s voters that come out as the true winners.