ILL plans 25cents hot dog day

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Think that finding family entertainment can be costly in the Tri-State? One local business wants to help with that and shine the spotlight on area youth at the same time.

Creative Financial Solutions, an Ironton-based financial firm, is sponsoring the first “Quarter Hot Dog Day” at the Ironton Little League field Saturday. A full slate of games are scheduled and visitors can enjoy some cheap lunch to go with the games.

“I approached the Little League board in hopes of shedding a light on our young kids. The Little League is a long-standing tradition in our city and I thought it would be neat to try to get some folks who may not have kids or grandkids playing to come down and watch some fun baseball,” said Jay Zornes, financial adviser at CFS.

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“These kids play hard and it would be nice to have a day where our community could come down and have a hot dog, enjoy the sunshine and watch the kids of all age levels have fun celebrating America’s pastime. I think it would be awesome for grandparents or parents to bring their little ones down and expose them to a positive element of Ironton.”

All concession proceeds go back into the Little League to pay for general operations and upkeep of the facilities.

Zornes said he would like to see other businesses rise to the challenge and do the same.

“It is my hope that I can sponsor this every year and other companies around town may also sponsor a special day or night at the ballpark. It is my hope that we do everything in our power to help keep our kids active and have something constructive for them to do,” he said.

“Little League baseball is a great outlet. I have a lot of fond memories of Little League and I just want all kids of all ages to have a chance to play.”


Little League Field

10 a.m. — Yankees vs. Reds (11-12 year olds)

Noon — Astros vs. White Sox (9-10 year


Minor League Field

10 a.m. — Tigers vs. White Sox

Noon — Reds vs.


Girls’ Field

10 a.m. — White Sox vs. Cardinals

Noon — Yankees vs. Angels

Senior League Field

11 a.m. — Ironton Senior League vs. Wheelersburg (doubleheader)