SEOEMS employees honored at commissioner#8217;s meeting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some may say it is a thankless job: caring for the ill and injured during the most critical times in their lives.

Thursday, employees of South East Ohio Emergency Medical Services

did indeed receive thanks for their service during Thursday’s Lawrence County Commission meeting.

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Four employees were recognized for lengthy years of service. Delana White, an EMT at the Chesapeake/Rome EMS station was honored for 20 years of service while Cindy Carver, paramedic at the Ironton EMS station, was honored for 15 years of service. Two employees, Chesapeake/Rome paramedic Ryan Vaughn and South Point EMT Carl Whitley were each recognized for 10 years of service.

“SEOEMS has been in business 33 years. In this profession, the life span of an EMT is six or seven years so I’m proud to say we’re beating the national average,” SEOEMS Executive Director Eric Kuhn said. “It’s a job that takes it toll physically, mentally. But I’m proud that some of our EMTs and paramedics have been with us for the long haul.”

Also, 21 employees received awards for good attendance. They were: Delana White, Tony Wilson, Gina Delong, Jeff Gaskin, David Hamm, John France, Richard Chandler, Lois Chandler, Marvin Bishop, Kathy Prichard, Robert Land, David Zornes, Robert Bodamer, Ryan Vaughn, Steve Carver, Joe Marshall, Dale Jewell, Terry Dolin, Angela Boggs, Eric Best, and Jeff Jenkins.

Kuhn said these employees used no sick leave at all in the prior year.

In addition to receiving a monetary award each quarter for not using sick leave,

employees who use no sick leave in a one-year period receive a plaque in appreciation for their work ethic, dedication and reporting to work conscientiously.

“Obviously, sick leave is a benefit that is available to employees when they are truly sick,” Kuhn said.

“However, we feel it is important to recognize employees who don’t abuse sick leave and who report for work when scheduled.”

Because of work schedules, not all of the employees honored were able to attend Thursday’s commission meeting.