Tragedies show driving dangers

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 16, 2006

In life, numbers and statistics are cold, unfeeling accounts that never capture the true meaning and magnitude of the things they represent.

Recent news reports are proof of that.

Two automobile accidents. Three lives lost. Countless friends, families and loved-ones saddened by the losses of those they held so dear.

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Though all the individual circumstances of these separate incidents remain under investigation, one fact is glaringly obvious: Motor vehicles are deadly and can alter the course of many lives in the blink of an eye.

Each of us has a responsibility to ourself, to our loved ones and those around us to do our best while operating a vehicle. But even the best of drivers can find themselves in a situation where a split second makes a difference and we can only pray that the outcome is not a tragic one.

Two young men were killed along State Route 93 late last week in an early morning accident. Then, a 24-year-old Proctorville man was killed Wednesday while driving in the Scottown area.

Law enforcement agencies are still looking for answers about what caused these accidents that had these horrible endings.

The drivers of these vehicles may have done everything possible to avoid a crash. Sometimes situations can be unavoidable.

We just hope that all drivers will learn some small lesson from these young men who have lost their lives.

These men can never be replaced and their loss will always be felt by their loved-ones but if others can use these tragedies to take that extra second and think about safety, then some tiny shred of good has been found.

Buckle up when you get in the car, realizing that there is no such thing as “a short trip.”

Wait until you get somewhere before grabbing your phone or CDs.

Leave your frustrations and distractions behind while getting behind the wheel.

Maybe these things can make the difference in yours — or someone else’s life.