We could learn valuable lesson from ants

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 17, 2006

“The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer.”

Proverbs 30:25

One of the tiniest of creatures God made, that is visible to the human eye, is the ant.

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There are over 10,000 species of ants. They live in a variety of places. Some build mounds from the dirt; others are in trees and some dwelling in underground tunnels.

Regardless, of the type of ant, there is a common thread among almost all species. They work well together. The tasks they perform based on their communication among each other. They are “the social insects.”

The wonderful thing about being “social” as Christians is the opportunity it gives us to share with one another.

I watched ants one day working together on my back porch. I couldn’t help but pay attention to one ant in particular. At first, it was out in front of all the others. It arrived to a hummingbird feeder that we keep on our deck. It immediately began to fill itself with his discovery of sugar water.

Once filled with all it could hold, it started to make its way back home. On the trip, it seemed to bump into every ant it met with its head.

Sometimes it would actually hit them so hard it looked like it was temporarily knocked off course. Then, it would continue on the path home. I became so intrigued by this “butting of heads” routine that I could do nothing else until I found out why they did this to one another.

Apparently, an ant that finds something sweet will have such a desire to let the other ants know where he got it. In order to give them direction, the ant will bump into another ant head on.

He will pass along a small taste of the sweet nectar he has discovered. By the time the ant makes it back home, it usually will have given away all the food it found.

However, the ant stops at the entrance of a home. As each ant in the colony returns, they give a portion of their sweetness back to the one who discovered the treasure.

In the end, the ant gives all it has away, only to have more when it gets home than it could have ever carried back by itself.

You cannot give away enough “sweetness” to others. You may feel like you have nothing left in you, but just before you get home to Heaven it will all come back to you.

So, go ahead and share the love of God with others. There is more at the end of life than you can ever carry with you on your journey.

The ant also proves the power of God to create. This one creature has caused so many problems for the evolutionist. Ants have been found in a preserved state from ages past.

The amazing thing about the ants discovered in hardened tree sap from years gone by is they are exactly like our ants today. If everything is evolving, why didn’t the ant evolve too?

It creates a big hole in the theory of evolution. Once again, the Lord takes the smallest of his creation to confound those who deny his creation.

We learn so many valuable lessons from the ant. They make their preparation for summer.

They actually have storehouses under ground. The ants fill those rooms in the summer because they know that winter is coming soon. We need to prepare to meet the Lord.

Calvin Ray Evans is the Director of Evangelistic Outreach Inc., of Pedro, Ohio 45659.