Chesy minister writes book for youth pastors

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 29, 2006

CHESAPEAKE— Help for those who are helping win others to Christ.

A local minister has written a book to aid youth ministers in their programs and activities for young people in their church. The book is called “Link and Flow: Creating a Spiritual Life Cycle for Your Youth Ministry.”

The author is Jim Hannahs, who sees his book as a non-denominational guide for youth group leaders to organize what tools they have so they can more effectively reach people.

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“I was youth pastor at Christ Temple nine years. During that time we had a lot of ministries but no structure to flow out of.

Think of having a tool box and it has all the tools you need in it, and you need a screw driver but your tool box is unorganized and you can’t find what you need,” Hannahs said. “I’m trying to help other youth pastors in the same situation.”

Hannahs uses the story of God’s organization found in Genesis chapter 1 after which to model his plan for youth ministry organization.

Though Hannahs turned over the youth ministry at Christ Temple to fellow worshipper Ronnie Stewart a year ago, he remains involved in other church activities.

The book was published by Xulon Press and is available online at Amazon. Com, Barnes and, Borders books and Target. He said he hopes to someday offer it also at Wal-Mart stores. It is also available through the publisher.

Hannahs is now working on a second book that focuses on what he calls the health crisis within the church, the issues and problems that create unhealthy situations within congregations.

He and his wife, Kendra, have two children, Trevan and Mikayla.