Daughter of slain victim tries to adjust to life without her father

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 3, 2006

Ina Boyer remembers her father, Arthur Boyer, as a good man.

“He was 70 years old but he was a young 70. He had two gardens. He worked every day. He would have helped anybody,” she said. “He was still full of life.”

That was until July 20 of last year, when a 19 year-old man Boyer had met only two weeks prior came to his home, robbed him, stabbed and shot him and then set his house on fire.

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John David Anderson pleaded guilty Friday to killing Arthur Boyer. While the case is resolved as for as the criminal justice system is concerned, it will never really be closed for a daughter who still mourns the loss of her dad. There is still the pain of losing a loved one. There is still a future without that loved one. There is still the agony of trying to make sense of what happened. For those left behind, closure may only be an abstract idea.

“Dad was a big part of my life,” she said. “I don’t think I will ever get over it. I lived next door to him for 12 years. I had only been gone eight or nine months when this happened. Dad and I were always close.”

Ina Boyer said she is upset that the two people who introduced Anderson to her father and who brought Anderson back to his Deering residence at the time of the murder have escaped the long arm of the law, even though she sees them as culpable in the crime.

“I think they should be prosecuted,” she said. “They went out there with the intention to rob him and rough him up.”

Ina Boyer said her father had offered the two acquaintances turtles he had caught and called them to see if they wanted to come from Carter County, Ky., to get them.

“They came and I guess he (Anderson) saw dad’s guns and thought he had money,” she said. “To think this happened to him over turtles.”