Meghan Herrell named fair queen

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 14, 2006

Lawrence County’s 2006 Junior Fair now has a red headed queen to preside over it and a very young princess by her side.

Meghan Herrell, 16-year-old daughter of Tony and Deana Herrell of Aid, was crowned fair queen Monday. Herrell is a junior at Symmes Valley High School. She said after the ceremony she was grateful for the honor.

“I really didn’t think going into it I would win,” she said. “I know this was because of Jesus Christ because he is always with me and he was such a huge part in this.”

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For the first time this year, the fair’s regal procession included a princess. Twelve-year-old Shawna Myers, daughter of Shawn and Dora Myers of Arabia, took that crown.

Shawna said she had not been nervous during the judging and final ceremony, but Mom was. When her daughter’s name was called, Dora Myers ran forward to snap of a photograph of her child being crowned.

“I think Mom was more nervous than I was,” Shawna said.

“She’s one of the youngest ones in the fair pageant,” Dora said. “But she’s very confident and enjoys everything she does. She’s very outgoing. We’re proud of her.”

In the fair queen portion of the pageant, the first runner up crown went to Royce Coleman, 17, daughter of Ben and Ramona Coleman of Chesapeake.

Two young ladies tied for second place: Tara Johnson, 19, daughter of Paul and Sandra Johnson of Pedro and Kathryn Myers, 16, daughter of Alfred and Kathryn Myers of Willow Wood.

In the princess portion of the ceremony, LaTosha Hatfield, 14, daughter of Tony and Rena Hatfield of Waterloo, was first runner up. The second runner up spot went to Amanda McArthur, 16, daughter of Houston and Cindy McArthur.

Both princess and queen will present trophies to winners in the various events at the fair all week.