OUS welcomes incoming freshman at orientation

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 14, 2006

More than 100 teens flocked to Ohio University Southern for, what was for many of them, their first full-day on a college campus.

The first orientation of the year was filled with a flurry of activities for incoming freshman who will be starting when school resumes Sept. 5.

Everything from registration procedures to financial aid was covered during the all day session. Parents were also invited to take part in most of the sessions.

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“It really is a new atmosphere, I guess that’s what I’m excited about,” said Kendra Friend, a 2006 graduate of Rock Hill High School who will be majoring in health and human services technology.

Her friend, Ashley Fitzpatrick, said she is a little nervous about her new venture, but being in class with Friend might make the transition from high school a little easier.

“I guess I am kind of scared. Things are going to be different, but I’m glad to be out of high school,” said the South Point High School graduate. “It’s not so bad since there will be someone there I know.”

Kim Keffer, enrollment services director, said orientation is one of her two favorite times of the year; the other being graduation. She said although every class brings their own uniqueness to the university, this class is beginning at a time when OUS is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so they are somewhat special.

“They are coming in during our golden anniversary. We are now beginning to see all the generations. We are seeing children and grandchildren now who are coming in. It’s very exciting,” Keffer said.

Amber Blair said she is “flipping out” about how she is going to pay for her education, but is still looking forward to starting on the road to becoming a social worker.

At this point, she said, she doesn’t know what to think about starting college. This is a common reaction during orientation, said Mary Ann Wymer, director of the learning center at OUS.

“It’s a very exciting time for all of us, but many times they (incoming freshman) are just overwhelmed. There is so much information coming at them that it can be too much at once for some of them,” Wymer said.

There will be several other orientations for new students. On Thursday and August 17 there will be orientations at 5 p.m. for adult and transfer students. On August 10, there will be another all-day orientation for incoming freshman.