Sisters take home rabbit honors

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 14, 2006

ROME TOWNSHIP — A pair of sisters hopped away with the grand champion and reserve trophies when their respective pairs of bunnies were judged best at the fair in the market rabbit show Monday.

Shelby Haas won the grand champion trophy while her sister, Kaylyn, got the reserve trophy. Both are members of the Kitts Hill Willing Workers 4-H club.

Judge Carl Budnick, of Fairfield County, made his first appearance at the fair and said he was not disappointed with what he found, particularly when considering the two sets of winning rabbits.

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“When I first touched them I just loved them. They were so solid, the confirmation was so great,” he said. “The shoulders, the hind quarters, nice and solid. When I ran my hand across them they were nice and even. And the others were just as good. These are meat rabbits and you want meat on everything. I didn’t see too many bad rabbits. There was excellent quality all the way through. I’ve enjoyed coming down here.”

What is it about bunnies that the Haas sisters enjoy?

“I just like the fact they’re small and you can play with them,” Shelby said.

“They’re small and easier to take care of but you still get the full experience of having an animal,” Kaylyn said.

Rounding out the top 10 were Rachel Turvey, Karissa Gilmore, Zachary Hager, Kristen Zolman, Russell Jenkins, Ashley Mannon, Cheryl Crawford and Evan Salyers. There were 72 pairs of rabbits entered in the market rabbit competition.

The fair continues today at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds in Rome Township.