Ironton Police pursue stolen 4-wheeler

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ironton police arrested four people Tuesday, three in connection with the theft of a four-wheeler and one who allegedly “acted oddly,” was thought to be involved and was, in the end, picked up for outstanding warrants on other charges.

Johnny Richendollar, 18, of 629 S. Eighth St., Ironton, was charged with breaking and entering and theft. He was taken to the Lawrence County Jail.

Melvin Cade, 27, of 814 Walnut St., Ironton, was charged with complicity to theft and was cited to Ironton Municipal Court.

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A male juvenile was also charged and taken to a local group home.

Detective Jim Akers said authorities received a report Sunday that a four-wheeler had been stolen from the Little League field on Vesuvius Street.

On Tuesday, Akers said he got a tip from someone who said they knew where the stolen item was.

“I received information that the four-wheeler was up in the area around Fifth and Lorain and when I got up there it went flying past me,” Akers said. The four-wheeler and its juvenile rider were pursued until the rider ditched the vehicle and fled on foot. The juvenile was later found in the vicinity of Sta-Tan Pool and taken the police station for questioning. The two adults were apprehended later. The four-wheeler was found in the vicinity of the alley on South Seventh Street.

Akers said a male juvenile not charged in connection with the four-wheeler theft was arrested in the area of Fourth and Wyanoke streets when authorities noted his behavior during pursuit of the ATV and checked to see who he was.

“When we went looking for the juvenile involved in the theft, we kept getting calls from people who said they saw this guy running between houses. They said he saw the police and took off,” Akers said.

“When we caught up with him, we found out he had other charges against him, and he thought we were looking for him when we were looking for the four-wheeler.”

That juvenile was also taken to the group home.