Cable TV provider to switch Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2006

Time Warner will officially take over operations of all Adelphia Cable systems in the Ironton-Ashland area Tuesday, but the cable company says it is expecting the transition to be seamless and there will be relatively few, if any, changes seen by customers.

Most notably, there are no rate changes planned, according to company officials.

“The people can anticipate seeing a different logo on the building and different uniforms on our employees,” said Mark Ganley, general manager of Adelphia. “We really aren’t anticipating much else.”

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The $16.9 billion acquisition of Adelphia Communications by Time Warner Inc. and Comcast brings an end to the bankruptcy saga that began when Adelphia filed for Chapter 11 protection in 2002.

The two companies will split Adelphia’s subscribers, with Time Warner taking all of Ohio, most of Kentucky and some of West Virginia.

Time Warner will emerge from the deal with about 14.5 million subscribers and Comcast with 23.3 million. Comcast is the largest U.S. cable operator and Time Warner is the second largest.

Ganley said the local offices are excited about the new owners and are looking forward to possible expansions in service, including the addition of telephone service and even faster Internet access.

The acquisition is a win-win situation for everyone, he said.

“I think its great from every perspective. The transition will be good for our subscribers, our communities and for our employees,” he said. “For us to emerge as Time Warner is just terrific. They are a great company that have the financial stability for service enhancements.”

There will be no rate increases, Ganley said. In addition, all of Adelphia’s employees will keep their jobs under an agreement with Time Warner.

“All of our employees are local, so keeping them on board is a vital part of our success,” Ganley said. “They live and work in our communities and we felt the guaranteed continuance of employment was essential to the deal.”

There is a possibility of more jobs being added in the future as services expand.