Commissioners alter sewer fee

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 14, 2006

A regulation on sewer tap fees has gotten a little reworking; meanwhile the Lawrence County Commission has high praise for a new litter cleanup program.

The commission Thursday changed the wording of a Union-Rome Sewer District regulation regarding payment of sewer tap fees.

As it was written, the regulation said “The connection fee must be paid prior to construction.”

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It now reads “The connection fee must be paid prior to connection.”

Last month commissioners enacted a $500 fine against those who fail to notify sewer district officials before hooking into the system.

But the wording of the regulation was changed when some eastern end developers complained that the regulation penalizes the innocent along with the guilty.

Some developers told the commission last week they often get their new houses under roof before connecting to the system for logistical reasons, not because they are trying to cheat anyone.

“We’ve got some doing that right now, trying to connect on and get free service,” Lawrence County Commission President George Patterson said. “All we’re asking people to do is to do the right thing. That’s what it all boils down to.”

The commission also agreed to send a letter of commendation to the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization for a job well done on its first Adopt-a-Litter Site effort.

The Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste District recently implemented a new plan aimed at cleaning up litter strewn areas that are often used for to illegal dumping.

Wednesday, CAO and solid waste employees cleaned up an area along Lawrence Street Road between Moulton Field and the Storms Creek Apartments.

Solid waste officials hope other local entities such as businesses, clubs and churches will adopt other such sites and agree to clean them up on a monthly basis. Signs will be posted at adopted sites with the name of the party that adopts it.

“They picked up several bags,” Commissioner Doug Malone said. “They found gas tanks, roofing. They had some people from the apartments come and help. It was so dirty it was unbelievable. They’re just trying to get some pride back in the county. I think it was very successful.”

Those who want to participate in the Adopt a Litter Site program may call the solid waste management office at 532- 1231.