Goober finds testing of players at his old school

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gaaalleeee. I is back with a lot of big games to start the season, But my alma mater, Podunk University (good ol’ PU) nearly had a tragic start.

Our coach walked into the locker room and before the game and told our star player, “I’m not supposed to let you play since you failed match, but we need you in there.

“So what I have to do is ask you a math question and if you get it right, you can play.”

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The player agreed and the coach asked him, “What is two plus two?”

He thought hard for a few moments, then said, “Four.”

“Did you say four?” our coach said in an excited voice. “You said four, didn’t you? Wow!”

Just then the rest of the team began yellin’ and screamin’, “C’mon coach, give him another chance!”

By the way, we lost cause we didn’t know it was fourth down.

Enny who, here’s the first week.

Ironton at Wheelersburg: Ya kin change coaches, but ya ain’t gonna change much else. Ironton 20, Wheelersburg 16.

Lawrence County at Coal Grove: I just hopes the Bulldogs are house broke. That school is still pretty new. Coal Grove 18, Lawrence County 13.

Tolsia at Rock Hill: Time to squash the Rebel rousing. Rock Hill 13, Tolsia 8.

South Point at Johnson Central: Welcome to life on the road. Johnson Central 24, South Point 20.

Chesapeake at Portsmouth: I heard the Trojan fans yellin’, “Shane, Shane, we love you Shane.” Shane Porter, not the gunslinger. Portsmouth 22, Chesapeake 19.

Ports. West at Fairland: The West QB had his appendix taken out. Maybe he won’t be on the same page as his teammates. West 16, Fairland 13.

Racine Southern at Symmes Valley: I thought the Racine was at Rocky Top Raceway? Symmes Valley 26, Southern 12.

Buffalo at Green: Both teams suffered heavy losses from last season. Green hands out some more losses. Green 14, Buffalo 6.

Others: River Valley over Southeastern, Gallipolis over Sheridan, Brookehaven over Chillicothe, Lancaster over Logan, N-Y over Athens, Jackson over Wellston, Parkersburg South over Marietta, Belpre over Warren, Whitehall over Zanesville, Bury Bonds over Howdy Doody.