Motocross riders entertain at Rally

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The East Coast Extreme motocross riders are used to hearing gasps, sighs and cheers from their audiences.

Saturday night was no different.

Crowds at the Rally on the River gave the stunt riders a warm welcome during their shows downtown on Third Street. The riders performed both Friday and Saturday nights to large crowds lined up two or three deep to get a glimpse of the high-flying duo of Travis “Mr. T” Willis and Ed Rossi.

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They wowed the crowds with their spruced-up dirt bikes and their stunts. They zipped through the air off a ramp, doing handstands on their bikes, landing with no hands latched on the handlebars and performing other tricks that got the crowd cheering with excitement.

“I think it’s just awesome. Everybody loves to see this kind of stuff,” said Thomas Gordon of Kitts Hill. “These guys have a lot of talent. You have to be well trained to do these kinds of tricks. The jumps and wheelies aren’t as easy as they look.”

Gordon, who rides dirt bikes, said he is not as daring as the Extreme pair, but likes to tinker around doing tricks in his backyard.

“People like myself that have been riding for years dream of doing these kind of tricks,” he said.

Jason Kirk and his wife, Polly, of Chesapeake, were also impressed by the show.

“This is my favorite part of the Rally. We came down here last year just to see this and it was great,” Kirk said.

“It’s fun to watch,” his wife added. “And, it is something that is free and family-oriented.”

After the shows, throngs of kids lined up to shake hands, snap pictures and get autographs of Orlando natives Willis and Rossi, who were more than happy to oblige to their fans requests.

“We just do it because it’s a lot of fun,” Willis said. “We enjoy coming out and seeing people. It’s great to see the crowd have fun.”