Russell, Ky. author releases his second book

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2006

RUSSELL, Ky. — It took Doug Thompson 25 years to write his second book, but he said his efforts have been worth the wait.

Thompson recently released “Son of Bits and Pieces of the Past Along the Ohio,” a book that provides a broad perspective of life in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. The author said the book, which he published himself, weaves together geography, arts, history, local lore and other aspects of life in the Tri-State region.

His latest work is the follow-up to “Bits and Pieces of the Past Along the Ohio.”

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“I didn’t really put a criteria on what I wanted to put in the book. It just began as I accumulated things through the years,” Thompson said. “There is a little bit of everything. It is varied. I put in there what I thought people would be interested in.”

He has spent more than a decade compiling information for the book, a process that has been made easier with the Internet and other extensive resources not available with him during his first go-round.

The Ohio River serves as the common denominator for the book, Thompson explained, and ties the entire region together in one way or another.

The field representative for the U.S. Census Bureau and former teacher, said he hopes that his book will be well received, especially among those in the educational community. He said the book will hopefully fill what he sees as a void in traditional history books.

“Many times in the history books you read about U.S. and world history in some other place or some other continent. But, what many people don’t realize is that we have lots of U.S. and World history right here in this area,” 63-year-old Thompson said.

Aside from the occasional sprinkling in textbooks and a few mentions in local classrooms, he said local history is not always a priority. His book will give local teachers from a variety of subjects a starting point, he said, to begin integrating local history into their classes.

He said those who enjoy local history will also find the book an interesting read.

“People don’t have to sit down and read 10 chapters, they can pick it up and read it however they want to. I want them to enjoy it that way,” Thompson said.

The book will sell for $15.95, plus shipping and handling if applicable. It will be available in local bookstores soon, Thompson said. For more information contact Thompson at 216 Cardinal Rd., Russell, Ky., 41139.