Goober just can#8217;t believe latest ruling by courts

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 31, 2006


has got to tell ya that this here is one crazy world. Just when ya thinks ya done see’d it all, ya reads bout some judge’s rulin’ that ya wonders where he got his brains.

Seems there wuz this young boy who wuz suin’ to git free of his parents.

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The boy went on the witness stand and told the judge he didn’t want to live with his dad cuz he beat him. The judge asked him why he didn’t want to live with his mom and he said, “She beats me, too.”

So believe it or not, he granted the boy his independence. He asked the boy what he wanted and the boy said, “I wants to be raised by the University of Tennessee football team.”

The judge said, “The Tennessee football team? Bu why?”

The boy answered, “Cuz they never beat anybody.”

Whooo weee. Ya thinks Rocky Top is singin’ fer the team or a dirge fer Phillip Fulmer.

Last week I wuz 12-4 which ain’t too bad fer the first week. Here’s week number two.

Ironton at Olentangy Liberty. Give me Liberty or give me, uh, a loss. Ironton 20, Liberty 14.

Fairview at Coal Grove: With that quarterback, ya’d think that the Eagles will soar. Sorry, but that Hornet stinger kin cause swellin’. Coal Grove 26, Fairview 13.

Wheelersburg at South Point: Look fer the Pirates to try an Pyles it on the Pointers defense. Wheelersburg 21, South Point 12.

Rock Hill at Hicksville: It’s a long way to travel to git a win, but it beats goin’ five hours to lose. Rock Hill 26, Hicksville 6.

Chesapeake at Wayne: The Panthers don’t believe defense is a four-letter word, but “lose” is. Upset special. Chesapeake 24, Wayne 22.

Hannan at Symmes Valley: First this game was on Friday, then Saturday, now back on Friday. The day doesn’t matter to the Vikings. Symmes Valley 28, Hannan 8.

Winfield at Fairland: The Dragons unleased a little single-wing last week to balance their offense. Now, if they kin unlease something to help the defense … Winfield 28, Fairland 27.

Green at Piketon: Red Streaks is only a nickname. No one is runnin’ round without their clothes. Piketon 24, Green 20.

Others: Portsmouth over Portsmouth West, Gallipolis over Vinton County, Chillicothe over Logan, Meigs over Athens, Warren over Philo, Zanesville over Newark, Jackson over Waverly, Cambridge over Marietta, Lucasville Valley over Northwest, Oak Hill over Southeastern, Huntington Ross over Portsmouth East, Portsmouth Notre Dame over Southern, Bury Bonds over Lamb Chop.