Browns win coin flip, but still not certain who they will draft

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ever since their return to the NFL, big victories have been few and far between. But maybe their luck is changing.

The Cleveland Browns got their key win in a while Friday when they won the coin flip with Tampa Bay for third place in the NFL draft.

One spot may seem insignificant, but for the Browns it could be very critical.

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There has been speculation that Cleveland will select Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson. Then again, the Browns might go for defense or a top-flight offensive lineman. And, then again, they may look seriously at the quarterback spot.

Oakland seems to be locking its sights on LSU’s JaMarcus Russell because of his physical tools: 6-foot-6, 265 points, and the ability to throw the ball deep (83 yards), just the way Al Davis likes it.

That leaves Brady Quinn, an Ohio product who played at Notre Dame. Quinn understands the pro system thanks to his coach Charlie Weis, and he has physical presence at 6-3, 232, with good speed. He was also one of the strongest players for the Irish.

But the Browns have had problems with injuries to No. 1 draft picks in recent years and Quinn sustained a knee injury against Southern Cal and aggravated it again in the Sugar Bowl against LSU. He missed this weekend’s combine, as did Russell, due to the injury although he plans two pro days at Notre Dame on March 4 and 22.

The question remains, what is the Browns most pressing need right now and can they afford to take a Peterson or Russell or Quinn early and hope their other prospects are still there.

Another question the Browns general manager Phil Savage has to ask himself is, “Can Charlie Frye get us to a Super Bowl.”

Fill in your answer here. Please, no “heh heh” or “ha ha” is to be left anywhere near the answer sheet.

One thing to remember is Browns coach Romeo Crennel was the defensive coordinator for New England when Weis was the offensive coordinator. Wanna bet the two have talked?

Of course, what the Browns do with their pick also hinges on Oakland and Detroit who are 1-2 in the draft.

All I want to know is, since the Browns won the coin flip, do they get to keep the coin as well? They may need it to try and decide who they will pick in the draft.

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.