City begins project to replace sewer line

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ironton residents and businesses owners in the area bordered by Third, Fourth, Kemp and McGovney streets, take note: city workers will begin a smoke test of the sewer system today.

“We’re getting ready to do a project in this area to replace a sewer line running from the old Kroger, which is now Grandview Outlet, to McGovney Street,” city Engineering Technician Paul Sheets said. “The reason for the smoke test is to determine how much water filtration is getting in the sewer line and if we are getting any clean water in it, such as storm drains and roof drains.”

City workers will use a pressurized system to force non-toxic liquid smoke through sewer lines. Smoke should only enter houses and businesses if there is a defective drain trap or defective plumbing. The smoke is gray or white and has no odor. It is non-staining, according to an announcement from the city sanitation department.

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Homeowners are advised to pour a gallon of water down any floor drain in basements or garages if they have not had water flowing in those drains within the last year.

If smoke does enter a house, those in it should leave immediately and call the city at 532-8425 or 237-6927.

“Part of the money to pay for this is coming from state Issue 1 funds and we will do some manhole rehabilitation with this money as well. Then part of it is coming from the city’s storm water and sewer fees,” Sheets said.

The smoke testing should be completed by Wednesday.