Gus Macker tournament looking for volunteers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Who you gonna call? Gus Busters.

Or maybe it would be better if the Gus Busters called.

Gus Busters and scorekeepers are needed for the second annual GusMacker basketball tournament to be held in Ironton May 19-20 in downtown Ironton.

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Charlie Haas, a Super Buster volunteer, said people have a misconception of the Gus Buster who serves as the “referee” of each game.

“In the lower levels like grade school and high school, you kind of officiate,” said Haas. “The 20-year-olds and above call their own fouls. You just oversee the game and make sure there are no problems.”

Haas added that at the lower levels GusBusters “don’t get real picky about it.”

For scorekeepers, games are on a point system of 15 by two. Scorekeepers record the number of baskets and fouls. However, a 25-minute time limit has been established this year as well.

“It’s whichever comes first,” said Haas. “We usually don’t have a problem with scorekeepers. We usually get plenty of those.”

The tournament will feature 18 outdoor courts with play continuing from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Haas said the ideal number of volunteers is at least 25 to 30 people.

“We like to move people in and out to give them a break. If you want to work all day, that’s okay, but we try break it up,” said Haas.

Besides Haas, Dean McDonald and Tony Payne also serve as Super Busters and help police the tournament.

“I take a certain area, Tony takes a certain area and Dean takes a certain area. We make sure there are no problems and if someone has a problem, we take care of it,” said Haas.

“We’re always walking around and making sure everything is all right. We don’t just put you out there and leave you on your own.”

Chillicothe has a Gus Macker tournament with 40 or more courts and volunteers often are forced to do both jobs. Haas said Ironton’s tournament is less stressful.

“We like to have a GusBuster and a scorekeeper. It helps keep things under control. The games can get real hectic, so you want your workers to be able to concentrate on one aspect,” said Haas.

Anyone interested in assisting with the Ironton Gus Macker tournament as a Gus Buster or scorekeeper may contact Haas at (740) 532-5408, McDonald at (740) 532-8911 or Payne at (740) 532-5605.