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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The price of gasoline is bouncing around the $3.30 mark and many drivers are wondering how much more they will have to pay at the pump.

Is there anything federal government officials can do to reduce gasoline prices and even if they could, should they? These people shopping in Burlington Saturday gave their opinion.

Should the federal government step in and control gasoline prices?

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“No, they shouldn’t. The market should take care of it.”

— Nyle Pemberton, South Point

“Yes, gas is too expensive. I think they should have an excise tax for big SUVs and a tax break for those who drive more fuel efficient cars.”

— Ted Steiskal, Ashland, Ky.

“Yes. The increase (in the price of gas) has been in the last three or four years. I can remember 10 years ago when gas was under a dollar. It’s crazy.”

— Stephanie Ramey, South Point

“They certainly should. … The (oil companies) are making incredible profits and they justify it by saying they’re taking risks and are entitled to return on their risks. I don’t think anyone disagrees that they’re entitled to a return but such a large cushion, I think, is tantamount to gouging.”

— Tully Roisman, Burlington.

“Absolutely. We should tap into the government’s oil reserves and should start depending on our own resources at home instead of being dominated by the Arab oil cartel. It’s ridiculous.”

— Frederick May, Ashland, Ky.