Low bids have school officials optimistic

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The bids are in for two preparatory projects for new Ironton City Schools and to the delight of school officials, bids are under initial estimates.

J&H Reinforcing and Structural Erectors of Portsmouth was the apparent low bidder for the early site package at the Ironton High School site.

The J&H bid was roughly $26,000 under the architect’s estimate of $285,737.

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Lepi Enterprises of Zanesville was the apparent low bidder for the asbestos abatement project at the high school. And again, that outfit’s bid of $97,549 was under the $134,646 originally projected.

“This is great,” Superintendent Dean Nance said.

“I’m very comfortable with the bids,” Construction Manager Randy Henderson agreed. “That’s three in a row now. We’ve been lucky. I hope it’s a trend. Some of the other districts have not been so lucky. But we do have good contractors here that we feel comfortable working with.”

Boone Coleman Construction of Portsmouth was the successful bidder on the early site package for the elementary and middle school and that $926,000 bid was also under budget.

The early site package, which includes installation of some underground utilities such as natural gas, sewer and water, will allow for future construction of the new high school and continued use of the Conley Center for classroom space while the new facilities are being built.

“We will need to fast track this as much as possible to get it done by the time school starts,” Henderson said.

Other bids submitted for the early site package: Fields Excavating of Kitts Hill, $299,999 and Boone Coleman Construction of Portsmouth, $265,346.

Asbestos in the high school building must be removed before demolition and a new building is constructed in its place.

Other bids submitted were LVI Environmental Services, Inc., of Cincinnati, $113,490; Central Insulation of Cincinnati, $126,730; Master Mechanical Insulation, Inc., of Huntington, W.Va., $112,968, Ohio Technical Services, Inc., of Columbus, $109,148 and Thermal Solutions of Proctorville, $115,700.

The apparent low bids will be reviewed by legal counsel and state officials before being officially awarded. The school board is likely to give its approval to the low bids at its meeting Monday.