Mercer new coach at Green

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

GREENUP, Ky. — If anything, Dan Mercer is flexible.

Just when Mercer had made plans for next fall, it all changed when the Green Bobcats began looking for a new head football coach.

Monday night Mercer switched his plans to be the Bobcats coach after being hired by the Green Local Board of Education.

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“I’m pretty excited about it. This may just be fate. I wanted to do something else and this came up. This is an opportunity I’m really excited about,” Mercer said.

Mercer retired from teaching and coaching at Raceland two years ago, then took the job as athletic director at Greenup County. He resigned the position in the spring.

“I had a good time at Greenup. We did some good things there,” said Mercer.

“This was kind of a freak thing. There have been opportunities, but I’m just a home structured guy. That’s another thing that made things so attractive. It’s 10 minutes away.”

Beside his change of working plans, Mercer said he will take a flexible approach as the Bobcats coach. Green’s base offense was the T-formation the past two seasons.

“I will probably not change a lot of what they’re doing in the weight room since they’re acclimated to that. Too much change for kids is a shock. The more you can do that’s the same the better it is,” Mercer said.

“Football is football. Every offense has won a championship and every defense has won a championship. It’s finding that comfort zone for your kids. We ran wishbone my last year at Raceland, so it’s not much different from what they run.”

Mercer coached a total of 14 years at Greenup County and 12 at Raceland. He was a head coach four of those seasons. He replaces Kevin Sheridan who resigned after back-to-back 6-4 seasons, the schools first winning records since 1990.

“I’d just like to go over there and build on that. The kids want to get going and I’m happy about that. I wish build

Mercer previously coached in Ohio as the head coach at Ironton St. Joseph in 1990.

“There are some guidelines that are different such as practicing. I remember (the time frame) was more rigid in Ohio,” Mercer said.