ODOT to repair sewers, improve streets

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Repairs to the sewer and water lines in the alley from Frog Town USA to the Grandview Weekend Outlet have gotten the go-ahead from the Ironton City Council.

On Thursday, the council voted to pass an ordinance for the mayor to enter into a contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation to repair the sewers and conduct street improvements.

During committee meetings earlier in the week, the council agreed to move $100,000 out of other city department accounts to come up with the local match to the grant.

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The ordinance was passed as an emergency measure so the contract can be signed immediately.

In other items on the agenda, the city had a first reading to amend city ordinances regarding housing related permits.

The changes would be to repair permits for new construction, alteration, repair, raising and shoring houses, moving buildings, wrecking houses and putting up signs.

The council has become increasingly concerned with buildings in the city that have been condemned, have fallen into disrepair or have been burned. Several councilmen expressed concern about property owners who get a permit to repair houses and then do nothing.

The council wants a time limit on the various permits so something is done with the houses. Under the city code, the permits become invalid unless work begins within 180 days after the permit is issued.

There was also first reading about getting a new skid loader for the waste water plant.

During audience participation, Mayor John Elam told the council members that the city had received $200,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds going towards downtown revitalization.