SOC All-Star Teams named

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Southern Ohio Conference All-Star Teams

2007 Softball

SOC Division I First Team

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Abbey Barrett (Green), Destiny Skaggs (Green), Ali Thompson (Green), Cami Groves (Clay), Dani Summers (Clay), Emily Bowling (Symmes Valley), Natasha Pointer (Symmes Valley), Heather Lansing (Notre Dame), Britany Helton (Eastern), Tasha Buckley (New Boston), Tiffany Henderson (East), & Sarah Stratman (Western)

Second Team

Amanda Avery (Green), Brittney Lute (Green), Kristen Adams (Clay), Cayla Warnock (Clay), Chelsa Wall (Symmes Valley), Kristen Clausing (Notre Dame), Kayla Miller (Eastern), Alyssa Raines (New Boston), Kerissa Bennett (East), & Angela Jenkins (Western)

SOC Division I Champions: Green (13-1)

Player of the Year: Ali Thompson (Green)

Coach of the Year: Jessica McIlhenny (Green)

S.O.C. Records: Green 13-1, Clay 12-2, Symmes Valley 9-5, Notre Dame 8-6, Eastern 6-8, New Boston 5-9, East 2-12, & Western 1-13

SOC Division II First Team

Brooke Baker (Wheelersburg), Jessica Blanton (Wheelersburg), Jamie Clevenger (Wheelersburg), Kayla Evans (West), Charlie Graf (West), Chelsea Osborne (Waverly), Catlin Shilling (Waverly), Brittany Puckett (South Webster), Ashley Shaffer (Northwest), Alysha Lyons (Minford), Stephanie Andronis (Valley), & Ali Rees (Oak Hill)

Second Team

Chelsea Chaffin (Wheelersburg), Brittney Meenach (Wheelersburg), Lindy Coleman (West), Cherles Collier (West), McKenzie Gullion (Waverly), Kendra Clark (South Webster), Lauryn Spriggs (Northwest), Heather Councillor (Minford), Tiffany Adkins (Valley), & Rachel Gleim (Oak Hill)

SOC Division II Champion: Wheelersburg (14-0)

Co-Players of the Year: Jessica Blanton (Wheelersburg) & Kayla Evans (West)

Coach of the Year: Cookie Kritzwiser (Waverly)

S.O.C. Records: Wheelersburg 14-0, West 12-2, Waverly 10-4, South Webster 6-8, Northwest 6-8, Minford 4-10, Valley 4-10, & Oak Hill 0-14

Southern Ohio Conference All-Stars

2007 Baseball

SOC Division I First Team

Taylor Haney (Notre Dame), Brad Hoover (Notre Dame), Aaron Noel (Notre Dame), Justin Craft (Clay), Zach Parker (Clay), AJ Osborne (Eastern), Bryan Osborne (Eastern), Kyle Meadows (Symmes Valley), Robbie Powell (Symmes Valley), Ian Kelley (Green), Zack Kier (Western), Nathan Williams (East), & Josh Howell (New Boston)

Second Team

Alex Davis (Notre Dame), Matthew Massie (Notre Dame), Nik Blanton (Clay), Robert Bauer (Clay), Ian Bapst (Eastern), John Slone (Eastern), Matt Clarke (Green), Casey Ott (Western), Nathan Skeens (East), & Michael Salisbury (New Boston)

SOC Division I Champion: Notre Dame

Player of the Year: Zack Kier (Western)

Coach of the Year: Kevin Noel (Notre Dame)

S.O.C. Records: Notre Dame 14-0, Clay 9-5, Eastern 9-5, Symmes Valley 9-5, Green 6-8, Western 5-9, East 3-11, & New Boston 2-12

SOC Division II First Team

Aaron Hopper (Wheelersburg), Jordan Russell (Wheelersburg), Adam Wamsley (Wheelersburg), Ethan Gaines (Minford), Luke Lester (Minford), Josh Lansing (Waverly), Ryan Robertson (Waverly), Ryan Turner (Valley), Zach Haislop (Oak Hill), Kylan Crabtree (Northwest), Alfie Bricker (West), & Josh Campbell (South Webster)

Second Team

Dustin Cook (Wheelersburg), Bryan White (Wheelersburg), Jared Farmer (Minford), Shaun Cook (Minford), Luke Peters (Waverly), David Spriggs (Valley), Garrett Davis (Oak Hill), Derek Spencer (Northwest), Edward Haynes (West), & Ryan McAlister (South Webster)

SOC Division II Champion: Wheelersburg (14-0)

Player of the Year: Luke Lester (Minford)

Coach of the Year: Michael Estep (Wheelersburg)

S.O.C. Records: Wheelersburg 14-0, Minford 10-4, Waverly 8-6, Valley 7-7, Oak Hill 6-8, West 5-9, Northwest 4-10, & South Webster 2-12