Will the Reds deal Dunn? Stay tuned

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Is he done or is he Dunn? That’s the question not only the Cincinnati Reds are asking, but the fans as well. What’s going to happen to slugging outfielder Adam Dunn?

Dunn, once again, is being mentioned in trade rumors along with a few other Reds including Ken Griffey Jr.

But it’s hard to believe anything will happen because Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky wants equal value in return, mainly with a proven starting pitcher.

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Teams should always get equal value in a trade, but we still remember last year’s Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez trade to Washington for those great bullpen prospects.

You remember that deal. The Reds got relievers Bill “I’m still not pitching” Bray and Gary “Damaged Goods” Majewski. Ironically, they’ve been just as effective this season as the rest of the bullpen.

There were a couple of other throw-ins and, of course, aging shortstop Royce Clayton who was just waiting to finish out the season in order to make it to October when he became eligible for Social Security.

Krivsky wants a starting pitcher and, for some reason, a second baseman. The Reds aren’t unhappy with Brandon Phillips, but they may want to move him to third base since they are unhappy about Edwin Encarnacion.

Getting a quality starter will be hard because the team’s in contention don’t want to give up a starter and there-in lies the real reason it will be hard to get anyone of value for Dunn.

However, the real reason the Reds might deal Dunn is this: He’s due to make $13 million next season.

What I don’t understand is the Reds knew Dunn was going to get a hefty raise next year. I’m pretty sure the Reds and not Joe Fan down at the Do Drop Inn signed the contract agreement with Dunn.

The Reds could have used the contract as incentive to get Dunn to sign with the idea they would trade him, but not many teams want a $13 million salary.

As for the salary, Dunn probably said he was worth it because he’s a 40-plus home run hitter every year and people come to the ballpark to watch him hit the ball a long way. He’s on a pace to become the Reds all-time home run leader.

You see, if a lot of people pay to get into the game to watch Dunn hit home runs, then that means the Reds are going to make a lot of money.

Now add Griffey who is chasing 600 home runs and will one day pass Willie Mays and his 660 home runs for fourth place on the all-time list, and you’ve got two great drawing cards.

Right now the Reds need something to draw a crowd. If there are no Griffey and Dunn to attract crowds, the Reds might as well play their games at the Ironton senior league field.

But don’t restrict trade talks to Dunn and possibly Griffey who has been linked to the Cubs. Griffey is not seeking a trade, but would not reject a deal if it was to a contender.

Since the Reds want equal value, three other players mentioned are closer David Weathers, first baseman Scott Hatteberg, and veteran Jeff Conine.

Hatteberg has hit well, but the Reds have a good first baseman waiting in the minor leagues in Joey Votto.

Still, Dunn remains the big name. The Angels, Twins, Dodgers, Yankees, Padres and A’s have all expressed interest.

So will they trade Dunn? It’s definitely a possibility, but if no one is willing to part with a quality pitcher, Dunn will get his wish and remain in Cincinnati.

- Sinatra -

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.