Fair-goers bid adieu to tasty treats at auction

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 29, 2007

ROME TOWNSHIP—Never mind the cavities… how about the hole in that wallet?

Dessert afficianados—and good-hearted others—shelled out $1,658 Monday night for a couple dozen trays of goodies during the sweet-tooth auction at the Lawrence County Junior Fair. That amount surpassed last year by approximately $60.

“It all goes for a good cause,” auctioneer Bob Sells exhorted at the beginning of the event. “So let’s open up those wallets and set a record for the kids.”

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Some desserts were sold more than once because the first successful bidder donated the food back to be re-sold. Other successful bidders walked away with something to eat and perhaps share.

A banana cake offered by Sammy Myers was sold three times: first to Cooke’s Farm Center for $100. It was then handed it back and sold to Scott Bowling for $40 and finally to Shannon Payne, collecting an additional $112.50.

Kayla Saunders’ tray of no-bake cookies were among the items that sold twice: first to the Lawrence County Fair Board for $65 and then to Cooke’s Farm Center for $325.

River’s Bend Health Center sent Kathy Rose to bid on some goodies. She handed Dakota Barnett $65.50 for a tray of brownies.

“My kids did 4-H for years and I always came,” Rose explained. “Where I work, we decided to get involved in the fair this year.”

Other sales:

4Cherry delight, by Chris Wilson, to Randy Lambert, $65.

4Brownies, by Dakota

Barnett to Troy Hardy, $60, then to Ben Coleman and Randy Lambert, $30.

4Snickerdoodles, by Lindsay Daniels to Lawrence County Commissioner Jason Stephens, $85.

4Snickerdoodles, by Lindsay Daniels to Cooke’s Farm Center, $60.

4Stawberry Shortcake, by Amanda MacArthur to Cooke’s Farm Center, $95, then to Shannon Payne, $80.

4Peanut butter candy, by Kathy Rudolph to Big Ben’s Concessions, $110.

4Apple pie, by Brandy Malone to Scott Bowling, $115.

4Cherry pie, by Tyler Shope to Lawrence County Treasurer Stephen Dale Burcham, $80.– Brownies, by Amanda MacArthur to Lawrence County Juvenile Probate Judge David Payne, $100.

4Pineapple upside down cake, by Chris Wilson to Troy Hardy, $70.

4Magic bars, by Timmy Humphrey to Lawrence County Fair Board, $80.

4Brownies, by Kayla Skaggs to Bob Sells Auction Services, $50, then to Jim Simpson, $30.