Candidates for public offices

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thursday was the deadline for filing to run for office in the November general election or to place any issues on the ballot.

Though some candidates filed their petitions early, others waited until the 4 p.m. closing time or shortly before to file their necessary papers. Others simply came down to see who was going to challenge them in their races.

South Point Mayor Bill Gaskin will have no opposition for his seventh time seeking the village’s top post.

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“I must be doing something right,” Gaskin said. “I guess this means people are pretty well satisfied.”

Kevin Waldo was one of those who handed in his petition late Thursday afternoon. He will seek a seat on Ironton City Council in November.

“I sat back long enough and complained about things and then I decided instead of complaining I would get involved,” he explained.

Some seats will remain unfilled, in spite of the election:

only one person, John Finley, chose to run for one of the two unexpired seats on the Athalia Village Council; no one chose to run for two unexpired seats on Hanging Rock Village Council.

Although petitions were reportedly circulated, there were no petitions turned in requesting alcohol sales at any Lawrence County businesses.

There will be four issues on the ballot: The Lawrence County Chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons one-mil levy to fund senior services; the city of Ironton’s half-mil levy to fund recreation, a charter amendment that will allow the municipal finance director and solicitor to live outside city limits; and the South Point police levy.

Thursday’s last-minute filings kept board of elections workers on the job until the last minute.

The list of candidates are the unofficial results as of 4 p.m. Thursday.

Any additions or deletions will be Sunday’s Tribune.

List of 2007 candidates

2007 filings:

* Aid clerk: Gina Sanders

*Aid trustee: Garold Herrell;

*Decatur clerk: Edmund Albright;

* Decatur trustee (unexpired term): Ronnie Cox, Timothy Blagg

*Decatur trustee:

Garold Cox, Richard James,:

*Elizabeth clerk: Carrie Yaniko, Kathy Bamer;

*Elizabeth trustee: Steve Wilds;

*Fayette clerk:

Les York, Terry Wise;

*Fayette trustee: Don Hackworth, Stephen McClanahan, Eric Maniskas;

*Hamilton clerk: Sue Robinson;

*Hamilton trustee: Bill Robinson, Allan Blankenship;

*Lawrence clerk: Lori Morris;

*Lawrence trustee: Joe Ferguson, Jon P. Collier;

*Mason clerk: Richa Shepherd, Shannon Smathers,

*Mason trustee:

Charles Self, Paul Hayes, Justin Simpson;

*Perry clerk: George Rowe;

*Perry trustee: Larry Joe Clark, Douglas M. Malone, Tom Allen, Bill Dickess, Steven Easterling, Georege Rowe;

*Rome clerk: Cheryl Jenkins;

*Rome trustee: Charles Fuller;

*Symmes clerk: Linda Carpenter, Patty Bellville, David Hamilton;

*Symmes trustee: Cecil Mays;

*Union clerk: Shelly Pinkerman;

*Union trustee: Terry Porter, Doug Baise;

*Upper clerk: Tyler Walters

*Upper trustee: Craig Thomas, James Burke Jr., Michael Harper;

*Washington clerk: A. Wayne Keels;

*Washington trustee: Douglas Dickens;

*Windsor clerk: Timmy Hayes, Marvin McCallister;

*Windsor trustee: Robert Burcham, Tony Burcham, Mark Johnson;

*Athalia council: Sasha Chapman, Riger Camp, Melanie Brumfield;

*Athalia council (two unexpired seats): John Finley;

*Athalia clerk: Edna Breen

*Athalia mayor: Jimmy Chapman, Gary Simpson

*Chesapeake council: Joe Bevins, Joyce Stollings, Paul Nathan Hart;

*Chesapeake clerk: Peggy Houston;

*Chesapeake mayor: Dick Gilpin, Jimmy Justice;

*Coal Grove council: Nick Miller, Fredrick Phillip Roush, Frank Ford, randy Wise, Matt Matney;

*Coal Grove clerk: Deborah Fields;

*Coal Grove mayor: Larry McDaniel, Tom McKnight ;

*Hanging Rock council: Kim Chinn, Debra Sanders;

*Hanging Rock clerk: Carole Goldcamp;

*Hanging Rock council (two unexpired seats): none;

*Hanging Rock mayor: Chris Davidson, Vic Hopper Jr;.

*Ironton City Council: Rick Meeks, Frank Murphy, Chuck O’Leary, Robert Smith, Michael Lutz, Kevin J. Waldo;

*Ironton mayor: Bob Cleary, Leonard Battise, Bob Vaughn, Rich Blankenship, Walt Butler;

*Proctorville council: Brenda Chapman, Jim Harber, Lisa Nutter, Dale Burcham, Jerry Thompson;

*Proctorville clerk: Daryl Legg;

*Proctorville mayor: Jimmy Buchanan, Charles Stapleton;

*South Point council: Buel F. Collins, Marlene Arthur;

*South Point mayor: William Gaskin;

*Lawrence County Educational Service Center: Kenneth “Bucky” Shafer, Darrell Davis;

*Chesapeake school board: Carl Lilly, David Bennett, Judge Dolen, Kenneth Ater, Mike Dyer, Kim Oxley;

*Fairland school board: David Judd, John P. Lewis, Martin Appleton, Jason Gorby

*Ironton school board: Phillip Staton, Robert Pleasant, Kathy KRatzenberg, Tim Johnson, John Wolfe;

*Dawson- Bryant school board: James Beals, Darren Hankins, Deanna Holliday, William Stapleton, Gary Dutey, Robert Goodwin;

*Rock Hill school board: Tim Crank, Dennis Hankins, Donald Guy, Lavetta Sites, Ora Cox, Keith Roth, Troy Hardy;

*Rock Hill school board (unexpired term): Paul R. Johnson, Rich Donohue;

*South Point school board: Mary Cogan, Glen Seagraves, Terry Blake, Randy Keffer, Tom Roberts, Fred Clay, Wallace Smith;

*Symmes Valley school board: Greg Ralph, Kent Wells, Mike Wall, Kim Turner.