OHSAA#8217;s First Friday tackles prostrate cancer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The team wants to tackle a deadly opponent.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association and Ohio High School Football Coaches’ Association will team up to help in the fight against prostate cancer.

Friday, Sept. 7, has been declared First Friday in which the OHSAA attempts to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

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The OHSAA wants men to realize the dangers of prostate cancer. One of every six men develop prostate cancer. The rate is higher among black men who have a development rate of one in four and men with a history of prostate cancer are at a one in two risk.

However, 90 percent of prostate cancer patients survive with early detaection.

September is cancer awareness month. To make people more aware of the disease, coaches, officials, and team captains will meet at midfield before the game for a photo opportunity.

All head coaches and officials will wear a blue prostate cancer awareness band during the game.

The band is enscribed with “FirstFriday” and “OneinSix.”

Prevention can be helped by eating fruits, vegetables, low-fat foods, and avoiding red meat. Exercise is also important.

Screening should start at the age of 50 for low risk people or 40 if the person is at high risk.