Word on the street

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Many Lawrence County kids headed back to school Friday and still others will follow suit this week. Perhaps they’re lucky: their Kentucky counterparts returned to the classroom a week earlier. Some adults can remember the day when school started in the fall— after Labor Day.

Does school start too soon?

“I think it does. And I think they should start on a Monday, not a Friday.” — Bertha Russell, Ironton.

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“Yes. And I don’t understand why two school districts don’t start at the same time. Rock Hill started Friday and Ironton doesn’t go back until after Labor Day. Now why is that? It seems odd. But I grew up in Huntington (W.Va.).” — Matt Jefferson, Ironton.

“No, it doesn’t. Well, if you ask the parents, they’d say no but I guess the kids would say yes.” — Mike McPeek, Ironton.

“I don’t think school starts too soon. I think it’s about right.” —

Greg Suiter, Russell, Ky.

“Probably not with what’s going on. With Ironton having to get moved, they have to get everything ready, I don’t think so.”


Eddie Perry, Hanging Rock.