Word on the street: What students want from schools

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 3, 2007

Public schools in Ohio vary — some schools are more affluent than others. Some of the smaller schools in a lower property tax area suffer the most with inadequate funding, unable to provide students with all the extras that the schools in a high property tax area can provide.

According to greatschools.net, on average schools receive:

4About eight percent of the funding from the federal government;

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4Almost 50 percent from the state budget;

4The rest, about 42 percent, comes from local taxes.

The main problem causing unequal funding in schools is the local property taxes.

An affluent community can raise much more money through property taxes than a poor community can, and consequently can attract better-qualified teachers, build and maintain more attractive buildings and pay for more programs and better instructional materials.

What do you think the schools could do to better your education or what more would you like to have in your school that you do not have?

“I think the schools are doing just fine. Our teachers work hard. They give us a lot of homework.”

— Alex Johnson, 17, Ironton

“We don’t have swimming and we don’t have soccer or golf either. I think they could expand the athletic program.”

— Ryan Ritchie, 16, Coal Grove

“I think they should give us more language choices — like French or Japanese.”

— Ashley McClellan, 15, Ironton

“I’d like to have a bigger art program. I draw fashion design. We only have one art class a week.”

— Katie Fields, 8, Coal Grove

“I’d like more fitness exercise, like workout classes and I’d like to see more art, watercolor.

— Samone Greene, 11, Ironton