First Baptist Church brings #8216;Eternity#8217; to Ironton

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 14, 2007

A local church is offering a glimpse at Eternity.

The First Baptist Church on Fifth Street in Ironton is performing a drama about the choices people make and if they end up in heaven or hell.

“Eternity — The Ultimate Experience” was first performed in Oregon and has moved to churches throughout the nation.

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Pastor Dennis Strawn, of the First Baptist Church, saw the production in Columbus and wanted to do the play here.

Described as “a dramatic production of life after death,” Strawn said that is exactly what it is.

“It will go through real-life scenarios of how a person’s life might end and based upon the decisions they made in this life, whether they committed their life to Christ and received the forgiveness that God freely offers, they are either going to heaven or hell,” Strawn said. “It portrays it pretty realistically with different people’s life situation and opportunities they have had to hear the truth.”

Strawn called it a chance for people to see their own eternal destiny.

With help from a couple of people from City Bible Church in Portland, Oregon, members of the congregation will be portraying the various roles as well as building the sets.

“They have about 20 different scenarios and depending on who in our church can act, they will pick the scenarios that fit,” Strawn said.

Strawn thinks is the first type of production like this in Ironton and thinks it will draw a lot of people in to hear the Gospel.

“We want to see people come to Christ,” he said. “So this is not just to help our church but to reach people. There is good news to be had.”

The production of “Eternity — The Ultimate Experience” will run at 7 p.m. Sept. 15 to Sept. 19. Admission is free. The church is located at 304 Fifth St. in Ironton.