Bids opened for Ironton demolition, construction

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ironton City Schools officials opened bids Tuesday in the construction of the district’s new facilities.

Althouh some of the bids came in slightly over budget, they were still within what is allowable for the bid awarding process, project manager Randy Henderson said.

“I felt they were good bids,” Henderson told the board of education Tuesday night. “I thought it was a good day for Ironton City Schools.”

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At the high school, the apparent low bidder for the demolition project was J&H Reinforcing and Structural Erectors, of Portsmouth. That firm submitted a bid of $1,750,000. Henderson said that bid was $250,000 less than what was estimated.

“How are you going to secure the front entrance of the high school during demolition?” board member Jerry Rowe wanted to know.

“Do we have a backup plan in case of an ‘oops’?” fellow member Bob Vaughn asked.

Henderson said means to secure the front entrance would be made. The front entrance is being saved so it can be used as part of the new building.

J&H was also the apparent low bidder for the combined trades contract for the elementary and middle school project. J&H submitted a base bid of $10,318,000.

Though individual bid were sought for masonry, general trades and structural steel, Henderson said the combined bid was actually lower than aggregate bids.

Boggs Roofing, of Huntington, W.Va., submitted the lowest bid for the elementary/middle school roofing. That bid was $946,200.

Great Lakes Hotel Supply of Detroit, Mich., submitted the only bid for kitchen equipment. That bid was for $438,582.

The apparent low bidder for the combined plumbing and heating/air conditioning contract for the elementary/middle school was BB&E with a base bid of $4,177,560.

McDaniel Electric Inc., of Huntington, W.Va., was the apparent low bidder to supply cabling and infrastructure for voice, video and data systems. That bid was for $3,347,700.

Henderson said the total of all the bids opened Tuesday for the elementary/middle school was $19,363,313. The estimated costs for those work issues was $19,496,792, a difference of $133,000.

“It was less than one percent,” Henderson said. “We’re happy with anything 20 percent under or less than 10 percent over. I felt like we are on top of where we need to be.”