Brothers open ATT store in Ironton Hills

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 29, 2007

Two brothers will be opening a new AT&T cell phone store in the Ironton Hills Plaza.

Shane Wells and Andrew Hesselbrock are putting the finishing touches on the store and are hoping to be opened within the next two weeks.

Wells said the reason they are opening the business in Ironton is because of demand. Wells has owned an AT&T store in Mount Sterling, Ky. for the past eight years and Hesselbrock has been in the business for four years. They were talking with the corporation about opening another store and were told that Ironton would be a good spot.

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“AT&T told us they needed another store in this area because the one in downtown Ashland … is always crowded,” Wells said. “So we figured Ironton Hills would be a good location.”

The store will start off selling cell phones, cell service and accessories, but hopes to expand services so customers can pay their home phone and Internet bills at the store.

“Right now, people can pay their cell phone bills at the store, but eventually they are going to fix it to where you can pay everything,” Wells said.

He added that the demand for cell phones keeps increasing.

“It just keeps growing and growing,” Wells said. “It doesn’t really slow down. People keep upgrading so it just keeps getting bigger.”

He said the staff of the new store will be highly experienced.

“We will have people with many, many years of experience, plus we are fast,” he said. “There will be pretty much no waiting.”

Wells said the store would be opening soon after a few kinks are worked out.

“We are hard at it,” he said of their work on the store. “We have some stuff we have to get worked out with AT&T.”

Wells and Hesselbrock hope to open another store in the area, preferably at the KYOVA Mall in Cattlettsburg, Ky.

“That’s not set in stone yet,” Wells said. “Right now it is just the one store.”