In other words: Should there be a timetable to withdraw from Iraq?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 29, 2007

Earlier this year, President George W. Bush announced that he was sending 21,500 more troops to Iraq, despite public opinion in favor of pulling troops out and bringing them home.

Many have protested asking Bush to begin pulling troops out. The House and the Senate began pushing legislation that would have U.S. troops out of Iraq by August 2008, or sooner, but the White House said the president would veto any such proposal.

With the ongoing debate in Washington over the commitment the U.S. should have in Iraq, the people weighed in:

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“There should be a troop withdrawal because the longer you leave them in there, the more problems it’s going to cause.”

- Jason Massie, of Pedro.

“I think they’ve been over there too long.”

- Jennifer Bankston, of Ironton.

“I think they should fight their own wars and keep our people here.”

- Samantha Hughes, of Ashland, Ky.

“I think our troops should come home. I don’t think we should have wars.”

- Kisha Dyer, of Ironton.

“Wrap it up and get them home. It’s dragged on too long.”

- Rob Journey, of Wheelersburg.