In other words: What bothers you the most about drivers?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 29, 2007

Text messaging, telephone conversations, DVD viewing.

Take a drive down just about any busy roadway these days and you will likely see drivers whose eyes have been diverted from the road and to a myriad of other activities.

What automobile distractions do area residents find most objectionable?

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“I don’t like those bass speakers. It bothers me to drive past another car with loud music.”

— Savannah Wise

Kitts Hill

“I think DVD players are worst because people watch them more than they watch the road.”

— Greg Howard


“Telephones. They even come through the drive through to order food talking on their cell phones.”

— Doris Boyd, of Ironton, who works at Taco Bell.

“ I’m not sure which one (I like the least) but I just saw someone run a red light so they must have been distracted by something.”

— Dale Schwab

Rock Hill

“I think cell phones are the worst. It seems like all people are doing anymore is talking on them. They do that and don’t pay attention to the road.”

— Deanna Wilson